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From our police officers to our civilian positions we offer many rewarding career paths often overlooked by qualified candidates. A job with MPD isn't what you see on police television shows. Our focus is on providing long-term careers that keep our community safe.

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The Steps in our Hiring Process

Prescreen of Application for Minimum Qualifications

An Electronic screening will be done for AZPOST standards.

To learn more about what you can expect during your interview and tips during the hiring process, check out our Recruit Readiness Seminar.

Written Test

Applicant will be asked to complete a multiple-choice exam. Applicant must receive a score of 70% or better to continue in the process.

Physical Test

The test consists of a timed obstacle course, body drag, chain-link and solid fence climb, and 500-yard run. The applicant must achieve a required amount of points to move to the next step in the process. For the POPAT scoring matrix:

Fitness Testing is Invitation Only.

Check out some tips to help pass your POPAT test!

Background Investigation

All information is verified through criminal history checks, employer checks, personal references and credit checks.


Polygraphy exam is administered.

Human Resources Hiring Review Board

The board consists of a Sergeant, Lieutenant and Commander. Each person will have a recommendation on each applicant with final approval being held by the Human Resources Commander.

Conditional Offer of Employment

If an applicant is found acceptable through the Hiring Board, they may be offered a conditional offer of employment. The Recruit Officer position is contingent upon the applicant passing both the medical and psychological exams.

Medical Exam

Undergo a complete medical examination that meets the standards of AZPOST.

Minimum vision requirement for a Police Officer Recruit is 20/20 corrected or 20/200 uncorrected.

Visual Acuity 20/20-20/70 Acceptable
  • Soft Contact Lenses (SCLs) are recommended to correct to 20/20
  • CLASS Ia; No restriction or accommodation is required
Visual Acuity 20/80-20/100 Acceptable with correction
  • Soft Contact Lenses (SCLs) are required
  • Class Ib; Restriction / accommodation required: must wear corrective lenses
Visual Acuity 20/200 or >20/200 Disqualified
  • Class Id; not acceptable for performing the duties of a police officer
Post Corrective Surgery Acceptable with stability
  • Candidates <35 years old must show two documented examinations with stability within the last 6 months
  • Candidates >35 years old must show at least two documented examinations with stability within the 12-24 months

Psychological Exam

If candidate is given a conditional offer of hire, then a psychological exam must be completed.

Join our community Community Engagement

Our Community members and our employees play an integral role in creating and maintaining a safe community in which we live, play, and work.

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Enjoy Our Benefits

We are committed to providing our employees the best comprehensive benefits that meet you in every stage of your life. Learn more about what benefits are available here.

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Be Yourself Diversity

Our employees come from all backgrounds and bring unique experiences to our community. Together, we all make Mesa Police Department a great place to work!

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A Commitment 30x30 Initiative

The 30x30 Initiative is a Departmental pledge to reach 30 percent of women in police recruit classes by 2030, and to ensure our agency is truly representative of the community we serve. While 30x30 is focused on advancing women in policing, these principles are applicable to all demographic diversity, not just gender

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