Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We have Answers

Are you paid as a Police Officer Recruit while attending the Police Academy?

Yes. While attending the Mesa Police Academy you receive a bi-weekly salary and health benefits.

Does Mesa Police Department have their own training facility?

Yes. Mesa Police Department utilizes their own training facility located at 3260 North 40th Street in Mesa. We currently hold January, May and September Police Academies.

Do you currently have a policy regarding tattoos for police officers?

We currently do not have a policy regarding visible tattoos for sworn police officers.

What are the policies regarding facial hair for male police officers?

Currently, conservative styled moustaches and beards are allowed.

How many employees does the Mesa Police Department have?

Year to date staffing trends can be viewed here.

What are the City of Mesa demographics?

Annual Reports can be viewed here.

Where is the police department located?

The headquarters building is located at 130 N Robson -- on the northwest corner of West 1st Street and North Robson, about a block northeast of Country Club Drive and Main Street in downtown Mesa.

There are four district stations throughout the city:

  • Central: 120 N Robson
  • Fiesta: 1010 W Grove Ave
  • Red Mountain: 4333 E University Dr
  • Superstition: 2430 S Ellsworth Rd

Mailing address for any police station:

P.O. Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211-1466

How long is the Academy?

The Academy is currently 26 weeks long.

What are officers work schedules?

Officers work four, ten-hour days in a row with 3 days off. Your days off are consecutive, not broken up.

When am I eligible to go to a specialty unit?

Each specialty unit has different requirements, but most allow you to test after 2.5 years as a patrol officer.

Do I have to live in Mesa, or can I live in another city?

No. You can live anywhere you choose but you must have the ability to respond to work if called in a reasonable amount of time. We have officers that live all over the valley.

Does the department offer any tuition reimbursement?

The city of Mesa does offer tuition reimbursement. As of now it's, $8120 a year. In order to take advantage of this, the employee must be off probation and the program must be approved by a supervisor. You must maintain a ā€œCā€ average in order to receive the tuition reimbursement.

I am a veteran; do I receive any preferential points?

Veterans will receive 5 preferential points on our written examination if they provide a valid copy of their DD214 prior to the written test.

I have the GI Bill. Can I use it with your department?

Yes. The academy offers recruits 28 college credits for the 26 weeks they complete in the academy. You can use your GI Bill during this time to receive your money from the government. You will receive your regular salary from Mesa PD during this time.